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Required Information

Required Information

Colibiogen® oral

Active agent:

Cell-free solution of lysed Escherichia coli, strain Laves

1 ml contains: Cell-free solution of 2.3 × 10⁸ lysed Escherichia coli, strain Laves. List of excipients: Sucrose (sugar), glucose, sodium chloride, sodium benzoate (E 211), citric acid, amino acids, orange flavour, 4,8 % ethanol (v/v) and purified water.

Areas of application:
Enteritis; colitis (inflammation of the intestinal wall), including Crohn's disease and radiogenic colitis; dyspepsia ("misdigestion" or irritable stomach); irritable bowel syndrome; painful diverticular dis-ease; for rehabilitation after antibiotics, chemotherapy and radiotherapy; for supportive treatment of endogenous stress on the intestinal wall, skin allergies and bowel-related skin disorders: Polymorphic light eruption (sun allergy), atopic eczema; hay fever; rheumatic disorders; arthritic diseases

Colibiogen® oral contains 4.8% (v/v) alcohol.

Please read the patient information leaflet carefully. If you have any further questions after reading it, please ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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