Colibiogen® is a cell- and protein-free preparation obtained from the metabolic products of the Escherichia coli strain Laves.
Colibiogen® is a mucous membrane therapeutic with anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory effects. The site of action is the mucosa as immunological unit.

As it contains no living organisms, it is not a means of symbiotic control and therefore not used for direct build-up of the bacterial flora of the intestine. However, a healthy mucosa is an important prerequisite for the natural bacterial flora to settle there.

Colibiogen® can help an inflamed intestinal mucosa to regenerate. It therefore acts as a mucosal and immune therapeutic.

Colibiogen® oral is used as an immune therapeutic, in intestinal diseases, allergies and for supporting treatment in tumour and antibiotic therapy.

Colibiogen® is also available

For allergy patients with citrus allergy, the preparation Synerga® is available, with the same active ingredients but without any added flavour.